Gather Bot 2.0 is here!

Version 2.0 is now up and running on the IRC channel! We're pretty excited, and think you should be too.
So what's so special about it? Well, let me tell you. From now on, every aspect of the game is neatly automated by the bot. No more manually resetting the maps, keeping the score, and no more !end by the end of the match.


But wait, there's more!



Posted in Gather Bot on 14 Apr 2013 by ilaks
Bot changelog

Our mastermind behind the bot, splittingred, has been hard at work implementing new features. Beneath is a changelog of what has been made in a two weeks time. Impressive to say the least.


## 1.5
* Refresh users on commands to better handle authname checks
* Remove users from queue after being idle 30 minutes (configurable)
* Gather-wide stats via !stats
* Match logging for history


## 1.4
* !stats [nick] for user-specific stats
* User-specific stats (for now only match counts)
* Lots of refactoring to move away from using nick to more proper authname
* Related, bot now requires AUTH to IRC server to use it


Posted in Gather Bot on 03 Apr 2013 by ilaks
Hello peasants!

This is Kalikst here and I’m happy to introduce to you official KAG Gather website made by ilaks. That’s a really nice piece of work he has done here and I hope you will appreciate it as well as I do. And I’m not talking only about the design part which surely is greatly done but also about that more useful part that includes direct webchat to KAG Gather channel and links to KAG Gather Rules & Guide. We are also planning on implementing some server status, but it's heavily under construction and we got some other priorities over that, so that comes later. By the way, if you have any suggestions on how could we make this site more useful, don’t hesitate to post about it in proper thread on our social page. We would love to hear your feedback on our work.


By now I’d like to encourage you to come more often here since it’s officially launched and expect news about KAG Gather, its development (changelog) and upcoming KAG events we are going to support.


Besides that, I’m going to leak you that our lovely bot developer – splittingred – is now working on version 2.0 of KAG Gather bot that would take your gather game experience to the entirely new level! When? Soon! Very soon!


I hope you enjoy your stay here. Stay tuned and see you on KAG Gather!

Posted in News on 02 Apr 2013 by Kalikst